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André Larouche

André is an organizational psychology consultant. He holds a bachelor's degree in psychology and is currently completing a master's degree in psychology focusing on group cohesion and Nature and Adventure Intervention.


Combining experience with evidence - appreciating the benefits of nature to better protect it

More and more studies are reporting the benefits of contact with nature on physical, psychological, and social health. Many authors recommend integrating this practice into health care and nature prescription programs supported by health professionals have emerged around the world in recent years, intending to contribute positively to physical and psychological health through low-cost, easily accessible, nature-based solutions. In both English and French-speaking Canada, a nature prescription platform is available for any healthcare provider willing to encourage connection to nature for improving health. 

In this workshop, participants will be invited to experience some mindfulness activities in nature and learn about inspiring research results. In addition, a reflection on ecological reciprocity in health care and equitable access to nature will be initiated.

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:
1. Testify to the effect of mindfulness activities in nature  
2. Demonstrate the role of contact with nature in promoting health, and even healing, based on the scientific literature  
3. Recognized the interdependence between environmental and human health.

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