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Emma Knight

Emma is a young outdoor educator who believes the future of the planet depends on the next generation. In order for the next generation to want to save the planet, they need to be connected to the nature around them. She believes that there are key pathways to developing this connection and is interested in how these are used across different cultures and countries. 

Emma is a qualified primary school teacher with specialisms in science, music and outdoor education. She has studied biomedical science, professional certificate of education and a masters in outdoor education at three different English universities.

Outside of education and work, Emma likes to fill her time performing in a brass band, dancing and exploring the English countryside. 

University of Wales, Trinity Saint David, UK 

How do you use the pathways to nature connection?

Having recently successfully completed a Masters dissertation to answer the question "how does experiential learning impact a child's connection to nature?", this workshop will share findings and consider how they are similar and different across our borders, with a particular focus on introducing the new tool created to measure a connection to nature state in children. 

By the end of the workshop we will:
- understand how the use of nature connection pathways differs across cultures and countries
- have discussed and enhanced the tool to make it more effective across cultural differences

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