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Giannino Melotti

Associate Professor in Social Psychology, Department of Education Studies, University of Bologna, ItalyUniversity of Bologna

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Giannino Melotti is Associate Professor in Social Psychology and scientific repsonsible for the Research Center on Outdoor and Experiential Education and Training (Cefeo), Department of Education Studies at the University of Bologna.

Just like an “Hymn to life”: preliminary results from the evaluation questionnaire of an Adventure Therapy program for patients with pathological addictions 

This contribution presents initial findings from an Adventure Therapy program with adult patients attending the addiction assistance services in Ancona (Italy). 
Launched in 2023 with public funding, the program aims at improving socialization, physical wellbeing, empowerment, coping strategies, and promoting healthy recreation. Six participants with double diagnosis and on psychiatric medications were involved to participate voluntarily and for free to 32 activities (horse riding, sailing, yoga, hiking) from March to December 2023, along with 2 street workers/educators and activity-specific instructors.
Data were collected both through qualitative documentation (interviews, photos, videos) and through a specifically designed questionnaire ensuring accessibility and inclusion through facilitated and engaging graphics and content. The items cover emotional states, perceived abilities, group dynamics and relationships with instructors.
Preliminary results from 8 pre- and post-activity questionnaires provide valuable insights for adventure educators and therapists, highlighting the potential impact of AT on individuals undergoing addiction treatment in public services.

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