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John Fortune 

After careers in outdoor education, tree surgery and youth work, John has been working in social care and adventure therapy since 2015. Since 2020, John has been building and leading the RISE project, a new community adventure therapy project in Gorey in the southeast of Ireland. 
The RISE project provides 1-to-1 sub-clinical Adventure Therapy and Social Care interventions for teenagers referred by local Social Workers.
John enjoys mountain biking and paddleboarding and is a self-taught boat builder.

The Discovery Project

The RISE project, Ireland

With funding from the Department of Justice, The Discovery Project was a multi-agency collaboration between local police, youth justice workers and helping professionals, led by the RISE project, the local Adventure Therapy project. Aimed at improving community safety, the agencies involved targeted teenagers who do not meet thresholds for social work or youth justice interventions and gave them opportunities to engage with a group of peers and with local police, youth justice workers and helping professionals. Participation was voluntary and the participants involved were 95% male. Participants were divided into a 12-14 year old group and 15-17 year old group. The program ran in 3-day blocks on school holidays and included adventurous and engaging activities and First Aid training, which was an opportunity to give back to their community. 
Preliminary results are very positive and full reporting is due in early 2024. 

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