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Kimberly Knight

After decades of diverse careers from aerial photographer to instructor at Zoo Atlanta and instructional technology specialist at a grass-roots charter school, I earned an M.Div. from Emory University’s Candler School of Theology, where my studies focused on progressive and liberation theologies. While at Candler, I engaged in a deep study of pastoral counseling, contemplative practices, constructivist pedagogy, and the intersection of faith and justice.

Since 2008, I’ve led hundreds of hours of in-person and online spiritual practices in forests, parks, schools, pubs, Second Life,, Zoom and on Facebook.
I’m currently living in The Netherlands where I moved with my wife seven years ago.

I am:
a certified ANFT nature therapy guide,
the digital landscape coordinator for the ANFT,
eco-spiritual Leaders course guide at The BTS Center,
certified outdoor life coach;
a Veriditas-trained labyrinth guide;
a nature-partnered spiritual care provider,
and a digital strategist serving heart-centered wellpreneurs. 

Certified by the ANFT as a nature therapy guide, founder of Wildwood Wisdom and Our Sacred Nature Retreat, The Netherlands

Forest Bathing for LGBTQIA+ People and Our Allies

Queer lives are a luminous tapestry, with radiant and diverse lived expressions that harmonize with the vibrant mosaic of life. Through intentional, guided time spent in nature, we can find a profound communion with the Earth, nurturing our hearts and minds and guiding us towards a compassionate coexistence with our planet and the allies who stand at our personal boundaries ready to support us on our journeys.

One of the first steps to healing in our fractured world is to reconnect with nature and remember our place in the kinship of all beings. Participants are invited to join ANFT Certified Nature Therapy Guide Kimberly Knight, Mdiv for a gentle, forest bathing walk on the grounds of our beautiful conference site. Forest Bathing is a gentle, mindful, walk-in nature inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku, an intentional practice of mindful nature immersion developed to treat stress-related illnesses.

For our immersive walk with the land, we will slow down, awaken our senses, and nourish our relationship with the more-than-human world through a series of gentle, sensory invitations. As we saunter, we will open ourselves to interdependence n by connecting with the sights, smells, sounds, textures, and tastes of the earth. A good portion of our time together will be in silence. This offers you the opportunity to experience the forest and to connect with others who want to experience nature fully and deeply. By choosing to stay away from friendly chit-chat and exploring what it’s like to walk in nature without speaking, we have a chance to engage our senses more fully and to truly connect with the natural world.

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