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Where wild things grow: Friluftsterapi as a preventative, health promoting, and sustainable method for children with neurodivergence in school, health care, family and leisure settings in Southern Norway

Leonardo Frontani

WILD Nature and Leadership

I have a degree in Economics. I have gained a Masters’ Degree in International Cooperation and Development, a Master’s Degree in Future Studies, and an international certificate in Experiential Learning. Along my path, I have found a great interest in social dynamics. Organizations, profit and non-profit are human communities similar to tribes with their symbols, ritual, rules, taboos and values. I have learned to approach organizational issues, problems and desires, with the eye of an anthropologist. I designed and lead dozens of classes with hundreds of participants on courses of change management, leadership development, team-working, communications skills, negotiation and even training the trainers. As author of Wildness Methodology, I’m now running a Summer School in System Thinking where a new approach, through Nature, is provided to adult’s learning.

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FUTURE-LAB, what desired possible futures?

Literacy about future studies and system thinking, knowledge about mega-trends and observation bias. Get into the adventure of the Futures.
Exploratory future studies are focused on identifying and exploring a wide range of potential future scenarios and their implications. It is about Horizons, we might observe in our path using System Thinking tools and methods. Nature is the System of Systems therefore is the right place to discover the difference between possible and probable. In this workshop participants, might gain a new perspective in observing what we call “reality” and facts, therefore a new approach to problem solving in different situation, as facilitators, teachers, social educators, consultants, coaches.


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