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Where wild things grow: Friluftsterapi as a preventative, health promoting, and sustainable method for children with neurodivergence in school, health care, family and leisure settings in Southern Norway

Luk Peeters


Luk has been working in the Experiential Outdoors since 1985. 
He holds a master's in educational sciences and is a Gestalt and Person-Centered therapist with specializations in Existential and in Group Psychotherapy. 
He has been an Outward Bound trainer for more than 30 years and was the co-founder of a European Challenge Course Construction and Training Company.
He currently is a self-employed Process Facilitator and consultant. He is a staff member of a Group Psychotherapy training program and the coordinator of an Adventure and Outdoor Therapy specialization year. 
He is a long-standing member of the Adventure Therapy International Committee, presented at several international conferences, facilitated workshops worldwide, and is the author of several articles.
He can be reached at

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Connecting with oneself as a first and necessary step in growth and change 

Connecting with oneself is the process of raising awareness of oneself. It is the first step in experiencing self and surroundings.
And experience lies at the core of experiential therapy. That is why we invite participants got take part in activities. 
However, being involved in an activity does not automatically generate experiences. Sometimes they just do not seem to lead to any learning outcomes and remain on the level of having done something in a certain way. So the reflection after the action remains superficial and somewhat empty. 
Being able to connect with oneself is the entrance to being able to experience oneself and the outer world.
Within this workshop, I want to engage you in exploring different ways in which we, as facilitators and therapists of groups, can facilitate and heighten the connection with oneself and thus the experiencing capacity of our participants.

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