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Where wild things grow: Friluftsterapi as a preventative, health promoting, and sustainable method for children with neurodivergence in school, health care, family and leisure settings in Southern Norway

Maria Zięba

Fundacja Ładne Historie / Nice Stories Foundation, Poland

Manager and social animator, advisor to non-governmental organizations, fundraiser, researcher and evaluator, social activist, educator. She implements social projects in Lower Silesia, addressed to various groups and environments. Her professional interests include respite services based on the tourism sector, social inclusion and animation, working with children and youth, financing of social projects and evaluation of social projects. Initiator and one of the leaders of the National Respite Tourism Network in Poland. President of the Nice Stories Foundation.

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United by the Mountains - from a short break to independence

The impact of active forms of respite care on changing leisure time habits of people with disabilities and their families. As part of the presentation, we want to present our own conclusions on the conditions that must exist as part of the respite services we provide, so that not only provide care, but also contribute to increasing the possibilities of the persons with disabilities of organizing their free time on their own - on the basis of our experience resulting from the implementation of the project "Connected by the mountains", under which we organize mountain tourism for people with disabilities and their families. Since we organize mountain expeditions in the Sudetes - full of emotions, warm gestures, but also heroic deeds, in which people with disabilities and healthy people take part together. The idea is simple and at the same time unique: it involves organizing trips in which entire families can participate - this principle applies to both: people with disabilities and our volunteers. We also want to raise the topic of respite care as a service that should be designed for the whole family.

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