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Miquel Alberti

Adventure guide, Spain

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Miquel, raised in Mallorca amidst the picturesque Serra de Tramuntana, cultivated a profound connection with nature and fishing from a young age. At 16, he embarked on a journey to become a guide, driven by a passion for harmonizing nature and human interaction. Adding a global perspective, he studied and worked in Belfast at 21. Miquel diversified his expertise with certifications in indoor skydiving, sports, and fitness, accumulating over a decade of experience facilitating excursions and imparting knowledge. A people-oriented professional, Miquel founded Naturaterapia in Mallorca, aiming to provide families and couples extraordinary nature experiences that transcend traditional excursions. His international background and diverse skill set reflect a commitment to fostering personal growth, lasting memories, and stronger family dynamics through the transformative power of nature.

Expanding Adventure Therapy: Helping Relationships Thrive

This practical workshop aims to explore the transformative potential of adventure therapy in enhancing conflict resolution within families and couples. Titled "Expanding Adventure Therapy: Helping Relationships Thrive," our workshop uniquely utilizes the metaphor of a slackline to guide participants through the stages of a relationship.

The metaphorical journey mirrors the stages of a relationship: the initial stability, the inherent instability of the middle, and the eventual return to stability. Participants will engage in hands-on activities involving the slackline, symbolizing the challenges faced in relationships. The workshop emphasizes the crucial role of effective communication in navigating these stages and resolving conflicts during critical junctures.

Attendees will gain practical insights into using adventure therapy techniques to foster trust, improve communication, and promote resilience within relationships. By combining experiential learning with theoretical frameworks, this workshop offers a dynamic approach to understanding and addressing relationship dynamics.

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