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Napsugár Trömböczky


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Napsugar (they/them) is a transdisciplinary artist, working at the intersections of participatory theater, socially engaged performative artforms and ecofeminism.

They studied at the University of Theater and Film Arts Budapest (2020, Ba, drama instructor-applied theater expert) and they are a puppeteer, puppet maker. They create horizontal, non-male independent collectives. Founding member of SVUNG Research Group(2019), now part of the InSitu network as Emerging artist of the (un)common spaces project. With SVUNG they create site-specific participatory performances, in natural or built environments, their methodology rooted in somatic and movement based exploration.

Their latest works (No Endpoint-performative vigil; Geodiverse Geowalk; Cold Comfort at minus20 Biennial) tackle designing situations where one loses the ego and meets the eco, building utopias for an (environ) mentally sustainable future. In FEMINI duo (founding member, 2020) they create socially engaged projects, working with non-professionals. Enthusiastic about challenging neoliberal, patriarchal oppressive systems that exploit our more-than-human society.


Our proposal is a 2-3 hour site-specific project, Geodiverse. Geodiverse is an immersive hike, in collaboration with a local geologist. A non-anthropocentric participatory performance in public space and in deep time to connect with the world of rocks. We offer a slow walk, together with the participants, dedicating special attention to the landscape, including the bodily sensations that it provokes.  Our objective is to invite people to step off the usual path they walk on and offer a sensitive and practice based experience to connect with nature.  Unlearn human superiority, and discover the joy of our kinness with more-that-human societies. We are practicing eco.somatic activism by training to hypersensitize the individuals to help in recognizing, deconstructing norms residing in the body, and strengthen empathy towards the other.
We believe that getting closer to understanding our place within geological time, our role within the history of Earth can offer new perspectives to understand human society ans oppressive systems. To actively seek and experience this connection is necessary for cultivating a healthy long term relationship with our environment.
The project was presented in and created for the program of European Capital of Culture, Veszprem, in the Bakony-Balaton National Park and Geopark, with geologis Barnabas Korbely.

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