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Natalia Rubio Miralles

I graduated in Psychology in 2021. Then, I took almost 2 years off to do my biggest passion: travelling - I have been to South America, Africa and Asia as a solo traveller, which has offered me incredible personal growth. All those trips helped me discover my second biggest passion: nature. For this reason, I became a certified Forest Bathing guide and Nature Therapy practitioner, and I am currently studying a masters in Outdoor Environments for Health and Wellbeing. Also, in my trip to India, I did the Yoga Teaching Training 200h, which allows me not only to lead yoga lessons but also breathwork and meditation sessions.

Forest bathing and wellbeing


Forest bathing embodies a holistic healing journey amidst nature, offering countless benefits to mind, body, and spirit. This therapeutic immersion in the lush forests and the symphony of natural sounds acts as a medicine for the soul. 
Mental rejuvenation takes center stage as forest baths alleviate stress and anxiety, fostering mental clarity and emotional resilience. The presence of phytoncides, natural compounds emitted by trees, fortifies the immune system, amplifying overall health and vitality. Enhanced sleep quality and mood regulation are other byproducts, aligning with a profound sense of inner peace. Also, physical wellness increases through lowered blood pressure, reduced cortisol levels, and increased cardiovascular health. Engaging in mindful walking amidst the green surroundings cultivates mindfulness, sharpening attention and creativity. Nature's intrinsic ability to restore attention fatigue makes forest baths an invaluable remedy in combating the digital-age era. Moreover, fostering a profound connection with nature sparks ecological awareness and stewardship, nurturing a deeper appreciation for the environment. Therefore, embracing forest baths and nature therapy emerges as a vital practice, fostering harmony between individuals and the natural world, and promoting holistic health and well-being.

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