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Nina Alida. Photo by Sonja Balci - Nina Alida Nordbo.png

Nina Alida Nordbø

Nina Alida is the deputy chair woman at the Norwegian Association of Forest Therapy. This organization gathers the certified forest bathing guides and forest therapy guides in Norway. Nina Alida is certified herself, by Forest Therapy Hub and Nádùr Centre for Integrated Forest Therapy. She also graduated as a Nature interpretation guide by The Norwegian University of Life Sciences. 
Nina Alidas passion is to contribute to create a greater diversity in the outdoor life, what the norwegians call "friluftsliv". Nature is for everyone, and can play a much more important role in the public health system in most countries.

Norwegian Association of Forest Therapy

Awaken creativity with forest bathing for everyone

Forest bathing is a nature practice based on research on how the outdoors can improve our health. Developed in Japan, where it is a part of the public health program - as in many other countries by now. The practice has spread around the globe, both for well being and as a tool to relieve stress and to re-connect to nature. Nina Alida is a certified forest bathing practitioner, and she will share her experience from exploring nature connectedness as a creativity tool. It works great with kids, youth - and grown ups!

This forest bathing experience will focus on including participants who cannot go for regular walks. The Norwegian "friluftsliv" is very walking / hiking orientated, and Nina's mission has partially been to contribute to re-define this tradition of walking in nature - to be more inclusive, so that people with physical health issues like chronic pain, physical disabilities and mental health challenges, anxieties i.e. can join. 

We use our voices, we move, we create land art and we write - with nature as our source of inspiration. When there are no achievements to strive for, there is only honest presence and play.

First we explore nature, then we share. 

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