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Rocco Scolozzi, Ph.D.

Previously an environmental educator I am passionate about collaborative learning in nature, for about ten years I have been working as a Strategic Foresight Pratictioner (aka professional futurist), and facilitator (accredited by the Waters Center for Systems Thinking), with a PhD in environmental engineering, I also teach at the university as a contract lecturer for the post-graduate Master in Social Foresight at Trento University (courses “Systems Thinking” and “Methods of Futures Studies”). 


FUTURE-LAB, what desired possible futures?

Literacy about future studies and system thinking, knowledge about mega-trends, and observation bias. Get into the adventure of the Futures.
Exploratory future studies are focused on identifying and exploring a wide range of potential future scenarios and their implications. It is about Horizons, we might observe in our path using System Thinking tools and methods. Nature is a System of Systems therefore is the right place to discover the difference between possible and probable. In this workshop participants, might gain a new perspective in observing what we call “reality” and facts, therefore a new approach to problem-solving in different situations, as facilitators, teachers, social educators, consultants, and coaches.

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