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Unda Avota

Unda is an occupational therapist and a social worker who was looking for an alternative way to work with people when the opportunity of adventure therapy found her. Unda is a co-founder and a chairman of Adventure Therapy Latvia. She is passionate about working outdoors with different age groups and training new Adventure Therapy Latvia members.

Adventure Therapy Latvia, Latvia

Adventure Therapy Latvia - network story

This session will be about the journey of Adventure Therapy Latvia- how from a quiet dream and idea in 2019 we have grown in 5 years into a flourishing national network, and facilitator of GATE2024.
We'd like to take time to reflect and celebrate, share and acknowledge how much awesome stuff has happened in the last five years. We'd like to share what has worked and what hasn't in our journey of growing the adventure therapy field in Latvia. Come along, listen and join in conversation about how we can support each other in growing adventure therapy practice nationally and worldwide. 

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