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What is GATE?

GATE - The 4th Gathering for Adventure Therapy in Europe, where the spirit of exploration and therapeutic practices converge.

This quadrennial conference serves as a dynamic networking for outdoor and adventure therapy practitioners, researchers, academics,  and other allied professionals from across Europe and beyond to connect, collaborate, and share insights.

At GATE, we believe in the transformative power of nature. Discover the roots of adventure therapy, explore the diverse range of workshops and masterclasses curated for this unique event, and join us in celebrating the profound impact that adventure therapy has on individuals and communities.

Together, let's embark on a journey of discovery, learning, and connection at GATE, where outdoors and therapy intertwine to create meaningful experiences every four years in different corners of Europe. Nestled amid nature's embrace, GATE 2024 provides a unique space for adventure therapy practitioners and professionals to convene, exchange ideas, and immerse themselves in a rich tapestry of workshops and masterclasses.


Where is the 4th GATE taking place?

The 4th GATE invites you to join us in the heart of Latvia, where the charming town of Sigulda awaits with its scenic views and a myriad of attractions. Only 53 kilometres from the capital city of Latvia, Sigulda is surrounded by lush landscapes and complemented by an array of outdoor activities both for individuals and families. Town's location on a picturesque stretch of the primeval Gauja river valley will not leave anyone untouched. 

This event promises not only a platform for professional growth but also an opportunity to explore the beauty of Sigulda and its surroundings. Discover the synergy of outdoors and therapeutic practices in this enchanting setting as we come together to shape the future of Adventure Therapy against the backdrop of Latvia's natural splendor.

When is the 4th GATE happening?

17/06 - 18/06/2024 Pre-conference activitie

19/06 - 22/06/2024 Conference seminars, workshops, classes
23/06 - 25/06/2024 Post-conference activities: (Midsummer celebration Latvian style)


Conference Theme:
Connecting Borders To New Horizons

We each come from our own place - our family, our homestead, our profession, our land, our country.
To protect ourselves and separate ourselves, we create personal, professional, and national boundaries all around us. These boundaries or borders separate us from one another, indicating our differences, diversity, and authenticity. Boundaries also serve as points of connection through which we seek commonality and cooperation.

The Adventure Therapy European network is where we unite, a large tent to gather under, where we become stronger, more resilient, knowledgeable, experienced, and capable. During our Gathering in 2024, we question how we maintain our borders, protect and preserve our uniqueness, and find ways to connect through promoting inclusion, diversity, and improving accessibility - one person at a time - from each participant, practitioner, community, and country.

By maintaining healthy boundaries or borders, a true connection between people, cultures, and countries is also possible for exploring new expanses of possibilities and finding undiscovered horizons. At this conference, we invite everyone to think about how we use, or misuse, our borders, how we create points through which to connect and unite to share, include, and expand, and also - what we see when we look at the horizons opening up to us when we are all together.


Who are the organizers of the 4th GATE?

The 4th GATE is organized by a collaborative effort between Adventure Therapy Europe and Adventure Therapy Latvia, two pioneering organizations at the forefront of advancing this conference. This dynamic partnership aims to curate a splendid event that brings together Adventure Therapy practitioners and professionals from across the continent. These organizations are combining their expertise to create a gathering for networking, learning, and exploration. The steadfast support from Sigulda city municipality underscores the commitment to hosting GATE in a vibrant and picturesque setting, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all participants.

This project is organized with a financial support from Baltic-American Freedom Foundation.

Adventure Therapy Europe:

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Adventure Therapy Latvia:

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The maintenance, creation, and information posting of the GATE conference website are undertaken voluntarily by our enthusiastic team at GATE Latvia, all in our free time. This pioneering experience is a first for us, and we're excited to bring you an unforgettable event. Please bear in mind that the information may be periodically updated, and just like in nature, imperfections are part of the adventure.

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