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Explore the full program of the 4th GATE below, featuring a lineup of engaging sessions for every day of the conference. Customize your experience by starring your favorite sessions and crafting your own personalized program! Later, find your personalized program easily under "View My Agenda".



  • Pre-conference program Nr.3 "Girl-power: Resilience Training”


  • Pre-conference program Nr.1 "Your life river and you in there"

    Cēsis - Sigulda

  • Pre-conference program Nr.2 "Complex trauma informed practice"


  • GATE round table

  • Breakfast

  • Registration

  • Grand opening

  • Keynote speaker Alexander Rose: Old wood or young shoots? A provocative conversation about nature and therapy

  • Lunch

  • Where wild things grow: Friluftsterapi as a preventative, health promoting, and sustainable method for children

  • Beyond the stories we tell ourselves: Implicit theory and a proposed research agenda for outdoor therapies

  • Processing combat-related experiences through reconnecting veterans to personal and interpersonal resilience

  • (Dis)Connect to better understand - Adventure and Wilderness Therapy for youth with disabilities

  • You can run but you can't hide - The effect of our different roles as outdoor group therapists

  • Emotional Availability

  • Challenges and possibilities of adventure within different age groups

  • To grow a tree needs the forest. Working with metaphors. The connection between your own tree and the forest.

  • Awaken creativity with forest bathing for everyone

  • Dinner

  • GATE Talent Show: Honoring Latvia with Creativity and Gratitude

  • Breakfast

  • Keynote speaker Denise Mitten: Promise of adventure therapy 4.0: Gifts and reciprocal relationships

  • Using Outdoor Adventure Activities (OAA) as a resilience building intervention with female youth

  • An Exploration of Practitioner Identity

  • A complex trauma informed adventure therapy checklist

  • Searching for connection within boundaries, working with adolescents in a psychiatric context

  • Connecting with oneself as a first and necessary step in growth and change

  • Exploring Digital Technology as a Tool for Nature Connection in Outdoor Therapeutic Engagament

  • Combining experience with evidence - appreciating the benefits of nature to better protect it

  • Addiction, Attachment & Adventure - Exploring the potential of residential adventure/wilderness therapy programs

  • Supporter days' - How to use nature in the psychiatric treatment of a child and his context

  • We are the stick, you set the bar

  • Outdoor Therapy in Scottish Areas of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD)

  • Lunch

  • The combination of walking interview and image-elicited interview to monitor an Adventure Education program

  • Developing Horizons: Fostering Sustainable Practices in Outdoor Therapy and Nature for Mental Health

  • The practical use of natural elements to regulate the nervous system - from theories to action

  • A resilience supervisor attitude using "Rock and Water"

  • Geodiverse

  • Forest bathing and wellbeing

  • Happy teacher

  • Collaborating with Female Youth and Practitioners to Co-Design an Outdoor Adventure Activity (OAA) Intervention

  • Animal Assisted Interventions in Norway in 2024: Adventure cats as therapy animals, for public health

  • Slackline as a tool for AT

  • Adventure Therapy Latvia - network story

  • Dinner

  • GATE “FuckUP NIGHT”: Embracing Failure and Growth in Adventure Therapy

  • Breakfast

  • Keynote speaker Krists Zeltiņš: Using Latvian traditional sauna rituals as a form of adventure therapy

  • FUTURE-LAB, what desired possible futures?

  • The role of Adventure Therapy in bridging together indigenous wisdom and better mental health

  • The Discovery Project

  • Just like an “Hymn to life”: preliminary results from the evaluation questionnaire of an Adventure Therapy program

  • Different way of doing - Climbing as a support for therapy for people with disabilities

  • One Step Behind - On Dialog and Dialogical Adventure Therapy

  • Place-Based, Interdisciplinary Learning as pedagogy for training developing nature and adventure-based therapists

  • River of life - A tool to help social work students?

  • Expanding Adventure Therapy: Helping Relationships Thrive

  • Experiential learning in and with nature

  • Lunch

  • Pathfinder: an individual long-term Adventure and Nature therapy program for young adults

  • Collaborating with Female Youth to Co-Design an Outdoor Adventure Activity (OAA) Intervention

  • The importance of involving fathers of neurodivergent boys in nature-based treatment – and how to do it

  • Being at our best: practitioner and practice wisdom in Adventure Therapy

  • Therapeutic intent in adventure expeditions

  • How do you use the pathways to nature connection?

  • Navigating Choice in Outdoor Therapeutic Contexts

  • Play School

  • Forest Bathing for LGBTQIA+ People and Our Allies

  • Meditative archery - Japanese Kyudo

  • Language About the Natural Environment

  • Final - GALA dinner

  • Breakfast

  • Panel debate

  • Un-Conference

  • Lunch

  • Closing ceremony

  • GATE Round table

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