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Pre-conference program Nr.1

"Your life river and you in there"

Valdis Vanags (Latvia)

Dates: 17.06. 9:00 - 18.06. 17:00 (2 days)

Starting point: Cēsis; finish - Sigulda

The Solo Canoe Adventure Therapy Program is a unique way to experience one of Latvia's most beautiful places - Gauja National Park.

It is going to be unique because meanwhile enjoying the amazing views, you will have the opportunity to learn from a professional how to paddle in a solo canoe.

We will provide you with the possibility to experience individual experiences while being in a group. To make your experience even more valuable, the guides will use adventure therapy methods to help you link your experience on the river with your current life situation - struggles, questions, changes.

We believe that the most valuable adventures are not only about the adrenalin but about the changes that happen in you - thoughts, emotions, beliefs. Combine the possibility of having an adventure in nature and having time and the tools for your personal growth.

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Pre-conference program Nr.2

"Complex trauma informed practice"

Graham Pringle (Australia)

Dates:17.06. - 18.06. (4 modules

Location: Sigulda

Unlock the power to engage challenging youth with our 'Complex Trauma Informed Practice' training.

Our training breathes life into the latest complex trauma theories, based on eight years of Australian research. The groundbreaking theory and practice framework provides invaluable guidance for connecting with complex youth.

Recognising the inherent chaos of the work, we offer straightforward, dependable, and proven concepts adaptable to any profession and workplace.

This framework has been extensively tested in diverse settings, from youth detention to mainstream and alternative education, including services for young people with autism. Its success lies in its intra-disciplinary approach, easily customizable to fit your practice.

Prepare to challenge assumptions as we guide you through a transformative experience. Participants leave with newfound confidence, ready to implement positive changes in their practices.

Our framework's credibility is underscored by its presentation at national and international conferences, and is validated by Australian research. The research aim was to keep concepts accessible, offering a practical and targeted approach applicable across various disciplinary practices.

Over 1000 professionals have been already trained on the trial version, now updated and finalised. Some education centers, youth services and NDIS practices have adopted this as a whole of service pedagogy.

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your skills and make a lasting impact on challenging young individuals. Register now for the 'Complex Trauma Informed Practice' training and elevate your professional journey.

Choose from our consecutive half-day sessions


Session One : Complex Trauma Theory

Session Two: Complex Trauma Informed Practice Framework

Session Three: Trauma Informed Extension Topics

Session Four: Practical Workshops

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Pre-conference program Nr.3

"Girl-power: Resilience Training”

Sanne Detrez, Heidi Defever (Belgium)

Dates and time: 17/6 at 14.00 – 18/6 17:00 (with overnight)

Location: outdoor area near the Krimulda Church, Latvia

As a part of the European Adventure Therapy Conference GATE 4 that will be held in June 2024 in Latvia, Sigulda region we would like to invite you to participate in the pre-conference event “Girl -power: Resilience Training”.

During this 2-day event, we want to fuel our girl/women-power together. We will do this through physical activities, some resilience exercises, and experiential learning for example archery, grounding, breathing, and focusing exercises. At the same time, we go back to basics. We will camp together in nature and cook on a campfire.

We believe that when we move with our bodies, we also set something in motion in our minds and meaningful connections will strengthen our mental wellbeing.

The group will be a mix of young and elder women who will participate equally in all activities. We will briefly share our experiences about the activities we do and have a lot of fun together.

We invite you to apply for this training 1 -2 girls from the organization ages 14-20 together with an adult (social worker, mentor, or volunteer from the organization).

Please apply until May 5th by filling in the application form!

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