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Freija Rchaidia

Psychomotor therapist Universitary psychiatric Center Leuven, Belgium

freija - Maarten Janse.jpg

Worked 9 years as a social worker for children and adolescents in crisis. Since 2020 Freija works as head educator, guides social workers and coordinates all the trainings for the employees of the youth psychiatry.

She share the philosophy of Experience-oriented Learning and Adventure Therapy within our department.

We are the stick, you set the bar

We offer you a workshop that includes a variety of exercises, built from an individual, duo and group exercises. How can we provide an accessible, yet adventurous therapy session in a clinical practice (and can we take it outdoors)? Moving our bodies and connecting with each other while keeping a safe distance. Different experiences are the topic of debriefing, for example: coping with fear, bodily experience, working together, connection, being able to lead or to follow,…
At the end of the workshop, we provide an exercise where participants set the bar. How high does your group set the bar? Do you aim high or keep it safe? 

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