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Pre-conference program Nr.1
Your life river and you in there

With Valdis Vanags (Latvia)

Dates and time: 17.06. 9:00 - 18.06.17:00

Location: Starting point - Cēsis, finish - Sigulda (location will be specified)

Price: 260 Eur

Solo Canoe Adventure Therapy Program is a unique way to experience one of Latvia's most beautiful places - Gauja National Park.

It is going to be unique because meanwhile enjoying the amazing views, you will have the opportunity to learn from a professional how to paddle in a solo canoe.

We will provide you with the possibility to experience individual experiences while being in a group. To make your experience even more valuable, the guides will use adventure therapy methods to help you link your experience on the river with your current life situation - struggles, questions, changes.

We believe that the most valuable adventures are not only about the adrenalin but about the changes that happen in you - thoughts, emotions, beliefs. Combine the possibility of having an adventure in nature and having time and the tools for your personal growth.

Valdis Vanags -

Sense of Team Adventure/ Adventure Therapy Latvia

Adventure therapy and solution-focused practitioner.

I have been in adventure world since secondary school where join after-school outdoor sessions with peers. Since then I have been keen on various outdoor practices and added value that brings inter-personal communication and the power of the outdoors. I have sports and MBA business education and more than 30 years of experience working with groups to promote social and behavioral changes. Last year I was active in Adventure Therapy Latvia organizations as a board member and field practitioner with directions of solution focus and experiential learning bases.

This program is for:

Adults (age from 21 - 56) who are seeking balance and self-realization in daily life.

Price includes:

Guide, canoe boat per person, drybags, paddle, life jacket, equipment for sleeping (tarps and sleeping hammocks), food preparation equipment, and food for outdoor cooking. Not included in price: Transport from/to Riga to Cesis, but we can arrange it for extra price.

Keep in mind if you plan to participate:

Outdoor dress - in case of rain, sleeping bag, mattress, warm dress and personal readiness for meaningful conversations.

You can apply for this program by filling out the application form, program facilitator will contact you and provide payment options.

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