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Alexander Rose

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Alexander Rose has been passionate and committed to introducing Adventure and Nature Therapy (ANT) in Spain and Europe since 2008.

He is a Clinical and Health Psychologist, Gestalt psychotherapist, and Sports Scientist, and holds both a master's in Clinical and Health Psychology and Drug counseling. He currently combines his work as CEO of Terapia Aventura (Spain) and in Germany at the Adventure Therapy Institute (ATI).

Alexander formally introduced Adventure and nature-based therapy in Spain by developing several programs (youth at risk, adults with drug abuse problems, severe mental health problems, cancer survivors, and mental health professionals with burnout) and writing the first academic articles and books.

Honorary member of the International Adventure Therapy Committee and co-founder and former board member of European Adventure Therapy (ATE), he is nowadays mentoring the current formation of the Latin American ANT network and is in the process of writing two more books for our field.


Old wood or young shoots? A provocative conversation about nature and therapy

   Is nature therapy something new? Is a rite of passage a clinical intervention? What are the paradigms that are behind your interventions? Has Adventure and Nature therapy an evidence-based approach? Let's explore together new and old concepts in clinical psychology, and integrate a philosophical and anthropological view of adventure, nature, and therapy. Still to be defined, will emphasize professionalization in our field, the main competencies as an outdoor therapist, and the ethical aspects of our interventions.

Pathfinder: an individual long-term Adventure and Nature therapy program for young adults

PATHFINDER is an individual long-term Adventure and Nature Therapy (ANT) program for young adults with mental health problems, developed between the Adventure Therapy Institute (Germany) and Terapia Aventura (Spain). This collaboration guarantees a comprehensive psychological intervention, with the highest ethical and quality standards.
The intervention is planned after exhausting assessment, and implemented during the necessary days or weeks. The participant is accompanied at all times by a mental health professional with outdoor sports capacitation and specific ANT training who will guide the experience in nature, and a clinical and logistics team standing nearby. Supervision of the therapeutic program and parallel family interventions will be implemented, guaranteeing an effective monitoring program.
At the time of the abstract presentation, we are carrying out our first program, and during the presentation we will share the learnings, difficulties and benefits of the program.

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